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How to recover RAID 0 automatically

In automatic RAID0 recovery, you need special software which is capable of recovering RAID0 parameters.

Nowadays there are a lot of RAID recovery software, either free or paid. Different tools use different algorithms to recover array configuration, so it makes sense to try several tools. To recover RAID 0 you only need to know a block size and disk order (as opposed to RAID 5 where you need at least four more parameters). To choose the appropriate RAID recovery software you may check the handy comparison of RAID recovery software.

No matter what RAID0 recovery software you use, the basic steps are:

  1. If you deal with a hardware RAID0, disconnect disks from the RAID controller and connect them to a PC separately.
  2. Run the software (we recommend ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery) to determine the array configuration.
  3. Either feed the configuration back to the RAID controller, or use it along with a data recovery tool.
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